MoFA: ‘Indescribable’ Specimens

  • Title: “Peeps Lemon”
  • Media: Lemon. Dreams of Marshmallow Peeps.
  • Submitted by: Michael C.
  • Michael C. found this lemon that looks as if it aspires to be something more... something marshmallow-y... something like a delicious Marshmallow Peep. Apparently this lemon hasn't witnessed the Bunnyocalypse.

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A container of hoop-shaped pasta in a perfect line around the edge of the container - a most bizarre ordering of the food.

  • Title: “Spaghetti Hoop Crop Circles”
  • Media: Hoop-shaped pasta. Commands from Outer Space?
  • Submitted by: Wendy S.
  • Long-time viewers of the MoFA may, at first, be thrown off by this photo. What seems so unusual about this nearly-empty container of pasta hoops? Instead of focusing on the bottom of the container, cast your gaze, gentle viewer, to the sides of this vessel. Yes, there you will see that the contents of this unnamed, pre-cooked pasta delight have been arranged (or arranged themselves?!?) into a disturbing degree of order. Is this a matter of self-aware pasta that is attempting to avert the view of someone wishing to dine on the pasta? Or, could this be the crop circle equivalent of packaged foods? The mystery is only beginning...

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A butternut squash with breaks in its skin that give it the appearance of having a single eye and a mouth.

  • Title: “Butternut Cyclops”
  • Media: Butternut squash. Greek & Roman Mythology.
  • Submitted by: Fernando A.
  • According to myth, the cyclopes* are a primordial race of giants -- all with a single eye in the middle of their forehead. Is this squash simply emulating the creatures of myth? Or, is it a sign of a new creature to come? *Yes, that is the proper spelling of the plural for "cyclops."

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A piece of Froot Loops cereal in the shape of the planet Saturn

  • Title: “Saturn-shaped Froot Loop”
  • Media: Delicious cereal. Cosmic influence.
  • Submitted by: Libby L.
  • Two pieces of Froot Loops cereal join together to bring a little of our solar system into Libby's breakfast bowl. I wonder what it feels like to consume a planet?

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  • Title: “Smiling Calzone”
  • Media: Dough. Sauce. Fillings. Undeniable charm.
  • Submitted by: Annaka
  • Annaka reports that this simple calzone charmed her & the waiter... before she devoured it.

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  • Title: “Tentacle Lemon”
  • Media: Citrus commingled with a cephalopod.
  • Submitted by: Andrea F.
  • Andrea calls this a "tentacle lemon" (found on a tree in her backyard). We thought it might be a young version of the Scandalous Lemon. Whatever the case, it's just wrong.

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  • Title: “‘I’m All Thumbs’ Hot Dog”
  • Media: Hot dog. Close encounter with a meat slicer?
  • Submitted by: Gymbeaux
  • Gymbeaux was served this curious-looking "hot dog" at an unnamed restaurant in NYC. Although it looks much like a human thumb, Gymbeaux assured us that it, in fact, tasted nothing like thumb. Case closed. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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  • Title: “The Deflated Egg Balloon”
  • Media: Oh god... I don't know...
  • Submitted by: Raven C.
  • This egg was misplaced in the hen house and was, for reasons I cannot go into here, raised by balloons. Sadly, one morning, the egg's adoptive parents floated off to adventures unknown. Not knowing what else to do, the little egg deflated itself in grief.

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