MoFA: ‘Indescribable’ Specimens


  • Title: “Foot Strip”
  • Submitted by: Jimmy C. (Texas)
  • Jimmy's son found this in an order of Popeye's chicken. Jimmy took the photo right before his brave son munched it down. Before anyone suggests a lawsuit, he reports that it was all meat. Even so... I'll quote Jimmy: "Aauuugghh!"

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  • Title: “Frustrated Gold-Mining Pepper”
  • Media: Pepper. Frustration at lack of gold.
  • Submitted by: Ara P.
  • Ara referred to this as a "habanero chile fist," but (please work with me here), I am certain that if I had a great-grandfather who was a gold miner who then got angry at not finding any gold in the claim he just bought from a local businessman, this is a pepper-based representation of the face he'd make.

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  • Title: “Running Chocolate Man”
  • Media: Chocolate Crispies.
  • Submitted by: Astrid (Germany)
  • You no longer need to worry about ruining a diet with delicious snacks! German scientists have produced a confection that exercises for you. Simply consume this tiny chocolate man and he runs his way to your health while being digested. (1 man = 45 minutes on the treadmill)

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  • Title: “Pregnant Pepper”
  • Media: Momma Pepper. Baby Peppers
  • Submitted by: Heather S.
  • Heather writes: "After I cut the top off of the seemingly normal pepper, I noticed a tiny baby pepper nestled all snugly in it's peppery womb. Upon removing the poor thing, I noticed that it was not one baby, but two- conjoined twin baby peppers. This whole thing was too traumatizing for me, and I couldn't bring myself to eat the mamma pepper or the baby peppers. To date, the pappa pepper has not been identified." Twin baby peppers! Mazel tov!

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  • Title: “Chilipeno Tumor”
  • Media: Chilipeno. Radiation?
  • Submitted by: Luke (Seattle, WA)
  • Luke writes: "Long have I dreamed of discovering something worthy of submission to the Museum of Food Anomalies, and today that dream came true when I absent-mindedly reached in to a bag of Penny's Chilipeno Corn Chips and found a fried cornmeal tumor almost the size of my palm."

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  • Title: “Heart-Warming Tomato”
  • Media: Tomato. Hurt feelings. Time.
  • Submitted by: Sergio V.
  • Sergio sends in this tomato in the shape of a heart. It looks as if it had been broken at one time, but is healing nicely. Hearts are like that.

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Strawberry Fan

  • Title: “Strawberry Fan”
  • Media: Strawberry. Novel concept.
  • Submitted by: Silvia S.
  • Oh sure, strawberries seem particularly prone to malformation, but this distorted berry presents an idea for the untapped market of berry-based household products. This version is an edible fan. See it now? Yes, it will be a brilliant product.

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strange cherry

  • Title: “Strangely Strange Cherry”
  • Media: Cherry. Oddity.
  • Submitted by: YuYu
  • I don't even know what to make of this cherry. It's not especially odd, but something about this seems just bizarre enough to make it into the MoFA. Maybe, one day, I'll unlock the secrets of this image... just maybe...

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Valentine's Day Heart Crisp

  • Title: “Crispy Heart”
  • Media: Potato. Valentine's Magic.
  • Submitted by: JM
  • JM writes: "Two years ago, depressed and dateless on Valentines' Day, I opened up a packet of McCoy's Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Crisps, and this Chipped Heart was the very first piece I took out. It filled me with warmth to know that somewhere out there, there was a crisp fryer in a McCoy's factory that was thinking of me. Then I ate it. Mmmm."

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