MoFA: ‘Indescribable’ Specimens

Hideous Strawberry

  • Title: “Hideous Strawberry”
  • Media: Strawberry?
  • Submitted by: Karyn B.
  • Karyn discovered this hideous excuse for a strawberry then made a terrible mistake: she tried to consume it. Last I heard, she was recovering well.

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lovely cheerios

  • Title: “Lovely Cheerio”
  • Media: Cheerio. That thing called "love."
  • Submitted by: Dagny
  • Dagny believes this is an attempt of a skillful marketing department to really sell the whole "heart-healthy" nature of the cereal.

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Heart of Coffee

  • Title: “Heart of Coffee”
  • Media: Coffee. The International Language... you know, LOVE.
  • Submitted by: Luty
  • Many search for love. Every once-in-awhile it shows up in the strangest places. Not unlike my keys.

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crazy cucumber

  • Title: “All-Kinds-of-Crazy Cucumber”
  • Media: Cucumber. Craziness.
  • Submitted by: Penny S.
  • Penny grew this cucumber and reports that it "looks like it has babies." Yes, Penny, there is that... and the fact that it's curled upon itself as if it's cradling those "babies." I'm creeped out and very confused. Why do I run this museum?!

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milk pikachu

  • Title: “Milk Pikachu”
  • Media: Spilled Milk. No Crying.
  • Submitted by: Holly W.
  • Sometimes food anomalies are found in the least likely of places... such as spilled milk (which happened to spill right into the form of Pikachu of Pokemon fame).

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  • Title: “Strawberry Jaws”
  • Media: Strawberry. Ravenous Hunger.
  • Submitted by: Nathan
  • It's the strawberry that bit back! (no word on Nathan's condition; last we heard he has yet to approach another strawberry)

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  • Title: “Large Grape”
  • Media: Grape-grape-grape-grape.
  • Submitted by: Chelsea and Stephanie
  • Not just a large grape, but what appears to be four grapes merged into one. Rarely to conjoined fruits merge to mimic their original shape. Impressive... in its simplicity.

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