MoFA: ‘Indescribable’ Specimens



  • Title: “Cap’n Tumor”
  • Media: Crunch Berries. Stomach Tumor. Advanced Surgery.
  • Submitted by: Eric (San Francisco)
  • The Cap'n (Crunch) has himself a stomach tumor! Fortunately it was removed & is now on display... here -- at the MoFA!

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  • Title: “Mutant Strawberry”
  • Media: Strawberry. Impending Doom.
  • Submitted by: James H.
  • "And you shall know the end-times are nigh whenst the berries of the earth grow in directions three..."

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  • Title: “Alien Potatoes”
  • Media: Potatoes - from another world
  • Submitted by: Monika N. (Switzerland)
  • Potatoes are not supposed to have round bulbous growths sticking out of them. That is just not natural. This courageous young lass was brave enough to hold them close to her face for this photo. Her fate is unknown.

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  • Title: “Corn Babies”
  • Media: When a Mommy Corn Loves a Daddy Corn...
  • Submitted by: Lorraine
  • Lorraine wrote: "it looks like a normal ear of corn. but it's not! there are two baby corns growing out of it. and it's crazy sweet. i was shucking corn and came upon this. i shouted my discovery to my mother, who squealed and said, "oh, then you'll have to take a picture of it!" duh, mom, i'm planning on sending it into the MUSEUM of FOOD ANOMALIES." Good thinking Lorraine.

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  • Title: “Deep-Fried Love”
  • Media: The Rarely Seen Heart of a Potato.
  • Submitted by: Unknown
  • Deep-fried love! This heart-shaped fry was discovered in a batch of many other normal-looking fries (aka "chips").

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