MoFA: ‘Indescribable’ Specimens



  • Title: “Fuddrucked!”
  • Media: Fuddrucker's Pie. Questionable Service.
  • Submitted by: Mike Hanttula
  • Not so much an anomaly of food, but a tragic anomaly of service. This is the condition in which a slice of pie was actually served to me at a local Fuddruckers. Yes, very disturbing, indeed.

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  • Title: “Shrunken Head Gum”
  • Media: Gum. La Fiesta de la Victoria.
  • Submitted by: Copernicus Johnson
  • A smattering of gum on a doorstep in suburbia that strangely resembles a shrunken head. CJ says "It used to look more like an alien head, but as the months have gone by it's darkened into this."... If you look closely, it appears as if the "eye" on the left is hanging out of its socket.

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  • Title: “The Peanut Butter Bumper”
  • Media: Peanut Butter Mortar. Crisps. Disproportionate Servings.
  • Submitted by: Robert S.
  • From a box of "Peanut Butter Bumpers" (which I'm told is like "Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch") emerged this monstrosity. 21 "bumpers" around a semi-hard glob of peanut butter cereal product.

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  • Title: “Behemoth Chip”
  • Media: Mondo Chipo.
  • Submitted by: Chris W.
  • A simple bag of chips intended for Summer snacking yielded this behemoth. Chris noted that it almost took up the entire bag, so he photographed it; then promptly consumed what could have been a fantastic eBay auction item.

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  • Title: “Quaker Oat Catastrophe”
  • Media: Quaker Oat. Shriveled Nightmare.
  • Submitted by: Alan "Hot Pastrami" Bellows
  • Quaker Oats? Oh, hell no. Alan informs us this "grossly malformed specimen ... drawn from a box of Quaker Oat Squares cereal [is] a smidge larger than an Eisenhower silver dollar." Frankly, I can't look at it without becoming slightly nauseous. Good going Quaker Oats.

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  • Title: “Carrot Feet”
  • Media: Really Messed Up Carrots
  • Submitted by: Miranda Q.
  • Miranda promises that this is a photo of a real carrot that she purchased in college. She noticed it looked like a foot, so she cut it in half to make two. Yes, Miranda, this is the most disturbing carrot I've seen in quite awhile.

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  • Title: “Not So Mini Wheats”
  • Media: Breakfast Cereal. Too much sugar-coating.
  • Submitted by: Kayla G. of Rome, NY
  • A piece of Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal, with something peculiar in the middle. Kayla writes "I have no idea what orange gooey stuff would be doing in the [Frosted Mini-Wheats] factory. ... This has completely turned me off from ever eating [Frosted Mini-Wheats] again and I haven't for three years. The nightmares have stopped thankfully."

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