MoFA: ‘Portrait Gallery’ Specimens



  • Title: “Garlic Head”
  • Media: Garlic; The Need of a Haircut
  • Submitted by: Lori C. of Holland, MI
  • It's garlic, but it looks like the profile of a human head. A very oddly proportioned human head.

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  • Title: “Bug-Eyed Potato”
  • Media: Potato & Personality
  • Submitted by: Seth
  • There are the submissions that are strange & disturbing... and wonderful. Thank you, Seth, for this fine, bug-eyed potato.

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  • Title: “A Pleasant Corn Chip”
  • Media: Corn Chip
  • Submitted by: Joice O.
  • We admit this one is a stretch for classification as an "anomaly"... but the chip's expression is priceless. And, as Joice tells us: "I went to a Mexican restaurant near my house and as I grudgingly ate my chips after a terrible day at work I found this little guy smiling at me. Such a magical face it had, encouraging and calming my senses. I can honestly say that Mr. Smily-chips has changed my life and that my faith in humanity has once again returned to my heart." (She also tells us that, after this chip brought her so much happiness she ate him.)

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  • Title: “Happy Mushroom”
  • Media: Ramen Soup, Mushrooms, Happiness
  • Submitted by: Henry
  • A bowl of ramen soup. The idea to add some mushrooms. The discovery of somebody, something watching you...

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  • Title: “Pained Lettuce”
  • Media: Lettuce
  • Submitted by: Edgar
  • A most pained piece of lettuce found on this dinner plate. What horrible lettuce catastrophe has befallen this green visage? One must wonder.

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  • Title: “Evil Pancakeohead”
  • Media: Batter. Heat. Menace.
  • Submitted by: Fritz Ohman
  • Two visions of evil in pancake form! There Fritz was, making the Euro version of pancakes (thin... served with jam & ice cream) then, as he tells it: "as I poured the last of the batter I unwittingly released Evil Pancake, aka Mr Pancakeohead. Shudder... You can almost hear his demented cackle and you can clearly see his snag tooth and chin wart." Wisely, he did not consume this evil specimen.

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