MoFA: ‘Portrait Gallery’ Specimens

  • Title: “Egg Face”
  • Submitted by: Chris King
  • Chris writes "I've gotten egg on my face before but never face on my egg. I had oatmeal instead." We think it looks more like a skull. Either way, Chris wisely left the egg alone & enjoyed oatmeal that morning.

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  • Title: “Gregory Peck Pepper”
  • Media: Pepper, DVD Player
  • Submitted by: Linda
  • Sometimes peppers suffer from having bad parents who stick them in front of the television instead of talking to them & playing with them. Sometimes, though, the pepper lucks out & watches nothing by Gregory Peck films growing up. Seriously, watch a Gregory Peck film then look at this pepper. It's got his look down.

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  • Title: “Confused Berry”
  • Media: Strawberry. Teeth.
  • Submitted by: Natalie B.
  • Natalie bit into a delicious-looking strawberry to find this confused, disoriented chap staring back at her. She named him "Berry" and... well, actually, she made no mention of his fate.

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  • Title: “Most Terrifying Fruity Pebble”
  • Media: Fruity Pebble. A Fear Unknown to Most.
  • Submitted by: Kelly R.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to consume breakfast cereal, Kelly finds THIS terrifying creature amid an otherwise innocent bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Don't look at this image for too long. It will haunt your dreams.

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Muffin Face

  • Title: “Muffin Face!”
  • Media: Member of the Muffin Face Family
  • Submitted by: Jooooooo
  • This smiling muffin comes from a family of 8; apparently all of which shared this hopeful grin. You get one guess what happened to the other 7 before this photo was taken.

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  • Title: “Frustrated Gold-Mining Pepper”
  • Media: Pepper. Frustration at lack of gold.
  • Submitted by: Ara P.
  • Ara referred to this as a "habanero chile fist," but (please work with me here), I am certain that if I had a great-grandfather who was a gold miner who then got angry at not finding any gold in the claim he just bought from a local businessman, this is a pepper-based representation of the face he'd make.

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  • Title: “Pan Face”
  • Media: Oil. Pan. Painful Memories.
  • Submitted by: Nancy & Simon H.
  • Is this really a "Food Anomaly"? No, probably not. But, I once dropped a cast iron pan onto my face & made an expression very much like the one depicted here in oil. That's worth something, I guess.

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Happy Eggs

  • Title: “‘I Won’t Cure Your Hangover’ Egg”
  • Media: Egg. Heat. Hope.
  • Submitted by: Nick P.
  • Nick P. awoke with a hangover & the belief that a fried egg would provide a cure. From the pan, Nick found this face mockingly smiling a warning that no such cure was in sight. The egg, it turns out, was correct.

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peppermint skull

  • Title: “Peppermint Candy Skull”
  • Media: Small Candy-based creature. Sans everything but a skull.
  • Submitted by: Theresa
  • A fine dinner. A sweet mint to cleanse the palate. Something awry. Was it a mint at all? Or has she half-consumed a tiny, candy creature -- leaving only a skull as evidence of its remains?

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