MoFA: ‘Portrait Gallery’ Specimens

Zombie Coconut

  • Title: “Undead Coconut”
  • Media: Coconut Corpse. Reanimation.
  • Submitted by: Fawn
  • Fawn discovered the sunken eyes of this coconut staring at her after she drained the coconut's juice. She said it was a "ghost coconut," but my professional resources have determined it is more assuredly a ZOMBIE COCONUT.

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Devil Tomato

  • Title: “Devil Tomato”
  • Media: Garden-variety Tomato. Underworld-variety Evil.
  • Submitted by: Carol B.
  • Carol claims that this tomato "came from the vine from hell!" Well, Carol, allow me to bestow this sage advice upon you, free of charge: if, indeed, you are holding the offspring of a Hell-borne vine, it is not considered wise to mock it by painting on a comical, cat-like face. Just a thought. Good luck, Carol, good luck.

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  • Title: “The Gerkin Bros. Singing Trio”
  • Media: Gerkins. Harmonizing.
  • Submitted by: Agata S. (Poland)
  • A long-lost promotion photo from "The Gerkin Bros. Traveling A Capella Trio." They used to be a quartet, but there was an incident when one of them was vacationing in a summer salad.

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  • Title: “Happy Sweet Potato”
  • Media: Sweet Potato. Extra Helping of Sweetness.
  • Submitted by: Alice W.
  • This entry brings to mind that dance hall hit from the 30's, "You're my happy, happy sweeeeet potato, you're my sweet potato pieeeeeee." OK, that song doesn't actually exist.

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  • Title: “Angelina Douglas Pepper”
  • Media: Pepper. Jolie and Douglas DNA.
  • Submitted by: Cathy L.
  • While "modified" submissions are usually forbidden here in the MoFA, this entry would work without the attached eyes. Cathy says that this photo represents the result of Angelina Jolie and Kirk Douglas having had a baby... that was a pepper. ... ah, see it now?

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  • Title: “Ghost in Tea”
  • Media: Tea. A Spirit from the Afterlife.
  • Submitted by: Anonymous
  • With all the validity of, well, every other ghost photo, comes this snap of a somewhat cheery face peering out of the murky darkness of a visitor's beverage.

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  • Title: “Happy Shallot”
  • Media: Shallot. Unadulterated Joy.
  • Submitted by: Kim & Sons (Connecticut)
  • We could all learn a lesson from this happy shallot, whose joyful expression saved him from the dinner plate and skyrocketed him to fame within the hallowed halls of the MoFA. Maybe we should all think more about what kind of expression we make (even when we're faced with eminent consumption).

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  • Title: “Strawberry Queen”
  • Media: Strawberry. Royal Blood.
  • Submitted by: Gen
  • "All Hail, Her Most Royal & High Majesty. All Hail, Her Supreme Benevolence & Guidance. All Hail, The Grand Dame of the Garden. All Hail, The Strawberry Queen."

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