MoFA: ‘Portrait Gallery’ Specimens



  • Title: “Another Angry Pepper”
  • Media: Bell Pepper. Rage. Again.
  • Submitted by: Veco (Sweden)
  • OK, what's going on with the bell peppers in Sweden? Seriously! What? These two submissions were sent within days of one-another.

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  • Title: “Angry Pepper”
  • Media: Bell Pepper. Rage.
  • Submitted by: Chris (Sweden)
  • Who knew the rage held within the seemingly docile bell pepper? I mean, no one likes being cut in half, but this bell pepper looks far angrier than most.

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  • Title: “Smile Pie”
  • Media: Baked-In Goodness.
  • Submitted by: Lynda (from the U.K.)
  • I'm not even sure how to classify this expression. But, it seems kind of happy, no? Happy as a mini-pie can be, I mean.

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  • Title: “Nugget Head”
  • Media: Chicken Nugget. Hot Oil. Regret.
  • Submitted by: Duyen N.
  • Another one you have to squint to really see, but that nugget's expression is rather moving (nice shirt, too).

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  • Title: “Oil & Vinegar Smile”
  • Media: Oil. Vinegar. Happiness.
  • Submitted by: Lisa N.
  • Another submission of mysteriously appearing smiley faces... this time in the mix of oil & vinegar at the bottom of a salad bowl. It is a happy world.

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  • Title: “Happy Ending”
  • Media: One Beverage. Well-enjoyed.
  • Submitted by: Paul F.
  • A simple smiley-face appeared at the bottom of Paul's glass after a nice lunch. This kind of sign is much better than anything a fortune cookie could deliver.

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  • Title: “Shrunken Head Gum”
  • Media: Gum. La Fiesta de la Victoria.
  • Submitted by: Copernicus Johnson
  • A smattering of gum on a doorstep in suburbia that strangely resembles a shrunken head. CJ says "It used to look more like an alien head, but as the months have gone by it's darkened into this."... If you look closely, it appears as if the "eye" on the left is hanging out of its socket.

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  • Title: “Chip of Latent Evil”
  • Media: Chip. Sinister Intentions.
  • Submitted by: Un tipo feliz (Spain)
  • Sometimes the evil nature of food lies beneath the surface: but holding this chip to the light revealed its latent maliciousness.

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