MoFA: ‘The Zoo’ Specimens

  • Title: “Pig Lemon”
  • Media: Lemon. The Other-other White Meat.
  • Submitted by: Ara (Santa Monica, CA)
  • Ara discovered this swine-like lemon but never attempted to eat it. Oh, the possibilities of baco-lemon products that shall never be realized.

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  • Title: “Foot Strip”
  • Submitted by: Jimmy C. (Texas)
  • Jimmy's son found this in an order of Popeye's chicken. Jimmy took the photo right before his brave son munched it down. Before anyone suggests a lawsuit, he reports that it was all meat. Even so... I'll quote Jimmy: "Aauuugghh!"

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Sea Horse Chicken

  • Title: “Sea Horse Chicken”
  • Media: Chicken... of the sea.
  • Submitted by: Janae
  • Janae pulled this creature from a bag of pre-cooked chicken breasts - continuing the debate about the true identity of "Chicken of the Sea."

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  • Title: “Potato Mickey”
  • Media: Potato. Disney Magic.
  • Submitted by: John H-B (West Hills, CA)
  • Could Mickey Mouse's popularity now reach into the realm of starchy tubers? I don't know, but this potato gives me pause to consider that idea.

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  • Title: “Strawberry Jaws”
  • Media: Strawberry. Ravenous Hunger.
  • Submitted by: Nathan
  • It's the strawberry that bit back! (no word on Nathan's condition; last we heard he has yet to approach another strawberry)

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