MoFA: ‘The Zoo’ Specimens


  • Title: “Evil Root Bunny”
  • Media: Hippity-Hoppity.
  • Submitted by: Ariel 'Penguin' C. (Argentina)
  • Ariel wanted to share this evil-looking root-bunny with the world. (From the jengibre root.) Strange how often food anomalies take the form of a bunny. Something strange is happening here...

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  • Title: “One-Legged Potato Bird”
  • Media: Potato. Yearning to Fly.
  • Submitted by: Arjen van A. (Gran Canaria, Spain)
  • Behold the one-legged bird-potato! Always watching... always waiting... (I have no idea what I'm writing anymore.)

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  • Title: “Tomato Bird”
  • Media: Tomato. Bird Flu.
  • Submitted by: Phil Seidel of Canton, KS
  • Phil's homegrown tomato may be the first evidence of a bird-tomato hybrid species. You decide!

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  • Title: “Eggplant Octopus”
  • Media: Eggplant. Deep Sea Adventure.
  • Submitted by: Metin B. of Istanbul, Turkey
  • Metin was just trying to make a nice, eggplant-based dish... but a small in-oven explosion revealed the true octopus nature of the eggplant.

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  • Title: “HippoCarrotamus”
  • Media: Carrot.
  • Submitted by: Tom Leaf
  • This is a carrot from Tom's garden. He says it looks like a horse, his friends say it looks like a pig, I say it looks like a hippo. Could this be the mythical "Rorschach Carrot?"

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peanut duck

  • Title: “Peanut Duck”
  • Media: Peanut.
  • Submitted by: Bob White
  • Bob tells us that he has had "nothing but luck [since] I found the peanut that looked like a duck 5 years ago." A lucky, duck-shaped peanut? Why not?

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