MoFA: ‘The Zoo’ Specimens


  • Title: “Popcorn Pup”
  • Media: Popped Popcorn and Cuteness
  • Submitted by: Janet M, Spring Hill, TN
  • You have to squint to see this one, but if you do it just right, you too shall see "POPCORN PUP."

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  • Title: “Bug-Eyed Potato”
  • Media: Potato & Personality
  • Submitted by: Seth
  • There are the submissions that are strange & disturbing... and wonderful. Thank you, Seth, for this fine, bug-eyed potato.

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  • Title: “Apple Duck”
  • Media: Apple
  • Submitted by: Jørgen C.
  • I don't think there's a teacher in the world that would appreciate having this apple left for her. Jørgen did report that his daughter ate it & thought it tasted normal. You have a brave daughter Jørgen.

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  • Title: “Meat Parrot at Sunset”
  • Media: Meat, Beans & Beauty.
  • Submitted by: Liz
  • Perhaps the most artistic food anomaly: Liz's leftovers from dinner look a heck of a lot like a "Parrot at Sunset." I'd add that it's an eerie parrot at sunset, but maybe that's the meat-parrot influencing my artistic sensibilities.

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