Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys

This special circus exhibit contains shocking documentation of Plush-toy Tragedies. Some viewers will be stunned; others appalled. Entry is not for children or the faint of heart! These gripping, real images may haunt you for all time. By clicking on the above image to enter, you agree to not hold, the artists, or anyone else liable for what may result. Enter at your own risk.

{ Brave souls may scroll down this very page to see the Circus. }

Welcome to the World Famous 'Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys'

You're about to view the most hideous collection of plush-toy tragedies. The following photographs of these disturbing abominations will surely shock & horrify even the most courageous viewer.

View at your own risk... then be sure to enjoy the Museum Store!

Mr. Plushie No-Head

The first inhabitant of our macabre circus.

Slicey McLamb

A cute, little lamb enjoying a jaunt through a prairie met an unfortunate end at the hands of a blade-wielding opponent.

Skeward J. Lancelot

…has been lanced — a lot.

Plushtoy-on-Plushtoy Violence

“When plushtoys attack!”

Show a Little Backbone

This little bear-dog-thing has no choice BUT to show a little backbone.

Trail of Entrails

…and you’ll know this plush toy by the trail of its innards.


A “Before, During & After” sequence of events that befell this poor plushie kitty – paraded around a dorm, hung, then decapitated.


The aftermath of the montage of violence (above); a single mourner for the remains of the plush kitty.

Flats Masterson

A little plushie with nothing left but his skin… which, I hear, comes off like cheese off a pizza.

Cheeky the Woodchuck

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck had its cheeks and skull ripped out?

Slicey McLamb II

Poor Slicey just can’t catch a break.

Dreaming of a Life Fulfilled

Another skinned and flattened plushtoy.

Crime Scene

A soft bear shot in the back… in the quiet of night.


A fully disemboweled bunny – carved out and worn as a hat – nice.

Spikey the Bear

Gets a little acupuncture… that goes too far.

Halfise the Bear

…Bends over backwards to please a crowd.

In the Name of Science

Deep inside Plushie Laboratories, the inner workings of these animals are explored.

The Internal Parts of a Plush Toy

Revealed! In this close-up photo of the scientific experiment.

Mutt the Knife

So many steak knives buried in one plush toy – too horrific to… be in focus.

Bear, Bear Everywhere!

It’s hard to tell what happened to this teddy bear. Perhaps will never know. Regardless, this is how this bear met its end. Goodbye, bear.

Samurai Teddy

Sometimes saving one’s honor requires a sword.

Wrath of Laika

Forget, for a moment, that there is plush toy strewn about. Focus, instead, on the cold, fierce rage in this canine’s eyes. It will haunt plush toys the world over.

Barney Go Boom (Part I)

As satisfying as it is to see that the world’s most reviled plush purple dinosaur has (finally) met with an appropriately pernicious fate…

Barney Go Boom! (Part II)

…naturally there are those that would soon canonize him. (Just for the record, though, Shin noted that this was a plush toy Barney that was shot from a cannon. “Had to be done.” Yes, Shin, yes it did.)

Robot Infiltration

Alex’s sharp eye picked out this robo-plushie infiltrator from a pack of real dogs. Then, the robo-plushie-spy got just what robo-plushie-spies deserve: the Express Bus to Deadsville.

Merry Christmas!

For what this image lacks in clarity, it makes up for with the note that this was given as an actual Christmas gift. Nice.

Inside, Meet Outside

Finally an answer to the age-old question: “What does a plush wart hog looked like when it’s turned inside-out?”

Wild West Crime Scene

There’s so much going on in this image that it’s difficult to know which brilliant part to focus on: the blood, the chaps, the disembodied arm, the cut on the hand on the disembodied arm, the old-timey western hat. So good. So very, very good.

The Chopping Block

I appreciated the formality of using the chopping block; there’s something about the arrangement of this photo that implies that the plush toy did this to him/herself. Who knows? It’s just one of the mysteries of ‘The Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys’

Teddy Dentistry

If ever the Plush Toy Community decides to send a representative to politely ask that I close this “circus,” I bet they would send the chap pictured here. Naturally, I will immediately comply.