Crime Jazz – Volume 11 – Roy Budd In Action!

Roy Budd

Album Title: Crime Jazz – Volume 11 – Roy Budd In Action!

Artist(s): Roy Budd


Genre(s)/Style(s): Lounge, Cocktail Music, Jazz/Easy Listening

Track Listing:

Disc 1

  1. Main Theme from Get Carter
  2. Jazz It Up (from The Marseilles Contract)
  3. Mister Easy (from The Intercine Project)
  4. Moving Around Spandau (from Wild Geese 2)
  5. Main Titles (from The Stone Killer)
  6. M17 (from Foxbat)
  7. Who Dares Wins (Main Theme)
  8. Nature of the Beast (from Who Dares Wins)
  9. Cat and Mouse in Berlin (from Wild Geese 2)
  10. Free Tarrant (from The Black Windmill)
  11. M15 (from Foxbat)
  12. M7 (from The Stone Killer)
  13. Main Theme from Fear is The Key
  14. The Car Chase (from Fear is The Key)
  15. The Plant (from The Black Windmill)
  16. M5 (from The Stone Killer)
  17. The Swamp (from Fear is The Key)
  18. Kidnapped (from The Black Windmill)
  19. Diamonds
  20. Thief on the Prowl (from Diamonds)
  21. The Thief (from Diamonds)
  22. Hi Jack Part 1 (from Who Dares Wins)
  23. Drabble Calling (from The Black Windmill)
  24. In Search of the Key (from Fear is The Key)
  25. End Theme from The Marseilles Contract
  26. The Carey Treatment

Disc 2

  1. Hallucinations (from Get Carter)
  2. Getting Nowhere in a Hurry (Instrumental)(from Get Carter)
  3. Girl Talk
  4. Party Piece (from Diamonds)
  5. Theme from Mr. Rose
  6. Cool Bossa Source (from The Stone Killer)
  7. Black Is Beautiful (from The Stone Killer)
  8. The Cable Car (from Paper Tiger)
  9. Hearts and Diamonds (from Diamonds)
  10. Hanky Panky (from Tomorrow Never Comes)
  11. Jazz Source (from The Stone Killer)
  12. In the Shadows (from The Stone Killer)
  13. The Reception (from Paper Tiger)
  14. Diplomatic Dance (from Paper Tiger)
  15. Main Theme from Diamonds
  16. Theme from The Intercine Project
  17. How Can We Run Away (from Something to Hide)
  18. Barquinho (Little Boat)
  19. So Nice
  20. Call Me
  21. Aranjuez Mon Amour
  22. Birth of the Budd
  23. Sound of Music (Excerpt)
  24. Hallucinations (Instrumental)

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