Quiet Village 2

Various Artists

Album cover of Quiet Village 2 by Various Artists

Album Title: Quiet Village 2

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica

Track Listing:

  1. Quiet Village – 10th Naval Dist Steel Band
  2. Quiet Village – Al Bollington
  3. Quiet Village – Astronauts
  4. Quiet Village – Bill Justis
  5. Quiet Village – Danny Gatton
  6. Quiet Village – Earl Grant
  7. Quiet Village – Ensemble Of Seven
  8. Quiet Village – Ferrante & Teicher
  9. Quiet Village – Longines Symphonette Society
  10. Quiet Village – Johnny Gibbs & Orchestra
  11. Quiet Village – Jonathan Knight
  12. Quiet Village – Leo Addeo
  13. Quiet Village – My Skinny Wonderland
  14. Quiet Village – Don Hicks
  15. Quiet Village – Ray Lindsay
  16. Quiet Village – The Alis
  17. Quiet Village – Vinnie Bell
  18. Quiet Village – Whitey Theador
  19. Quiet Village – Cha Cha H.B. Barnum and Orchestra
  20. Quiet Village – Idiot Boyd Rice
  21. Quiet Village – Ventures

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Responses (6)

  1. Pinverarity says:

    track 9 artist credit is probably wrong. Most likely it’s Longines Symphonette Society from the LP Hawaiian Brass.


  2. Pinverarity says:

    Track 14 is probably by Don Hicks, not ‘Pomona Beech’ (who do not seem to exist). See http://www.pomonabeech.com/studio/pbsmp3.htm

    • Michael Hanttula says:

      Amazing find! Yes, that’s also correct. Don has his version of “Quiet Village” available on that link you provided, so I also linked to that page from the track lists. Thank you for these great edits & insights.

  3. mike connolly says:

    I am interested to know if music is able to be downloaded from this site and is there a contact for the EXOTICA GROUP mdc

    • Michael Hanttula says:

      Unfortunately the music here isn’t available for download through this site (although it may be available elsewhere). On newer posts, when possible, there are embedded players to allow you to enjoy the music from the albums.
      I don’t know what you mean by “the EXOTICA GROUP mdc” – can you clarify?

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