The Home Recordings Vol. 1

George de Fretes And His Royal Hawaiian Minstrels

Album Title: The Home Recordings Vol. 1

Artist(s): George de Fretes And His Royal Hawaiian Minstrels


Genre(s)/Style(s): Hawaiian, Polynesian, Folk, World

Track Listing:

  1. Royal Hawaiian Hula
  2. Tahuaala
  3. Ku’u Ipo
  4. Song Of Old Hawaii
  5. Farewell For Just A While
  6. Kaneohe Hula
  7. Wailana Waltz
  8. Alekoki
  9. Narcissus Queen
  10. Lehua Lani
  11. Rock-A-Hula Baby
  12. An Orange Groove In California
  13. Kawaohi Kukapulani
  14. Hawaiian Reveries
  15. Kainoa
  16. Royal Hawaiaan Hotel
  17. Hawaiian Love
  18. Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
  19. Moana Chimes
  20. Kamalani O Keaukaha
  21. Now Is The Hour
  22. Manuela Boy

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Liner, Listening & Albums Notes:

George de Fretes played an important role in the Hawaiian and Indo Rock Music scene. When he was sixteen years old he started his first musical group. He composed many new songs and played many traditionals. He also played many musical instruments like for example: trumpet, saxaphone, guitar and violin but he was world champion on steel guitar. He died in November 1981. After he died some family members continued with the Royal Hawaiian Minstrels. This album with 22 songs is part 1 of five unique albums he recorded at home. An nostalgic document. (see also the other 4 albums made by George De Fretes, his brother Peter De Fretes and cousin Roy de Fretes)

from the SAMSAM Music page for the album

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