Hanttula Mystery Objects

Randomly Dispersed Curiosities
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The very few words available regarding Hanttula Mystery Objects.

The Mystery Deepens

Something new is in the works for Hanttula Mystery Objects. No need to ‘stay tuned,’ you’ll know when you know and when it’s time to know.

A Brief History of Mystery

Hanttula Mystery Objects are small objets d’art, art-like novelties & curiosities released into public areas throughout (mostly) the Los Angeles area.

Each Mystery Object includes a unique “mystery item ID number” and a certificate of authenticity. Due to the environments into which some mystery objects are released, it is very likely that the certificate may become separated from the Mystery Object. This is a sad reality.

Mystery objects are for you to find.

Have you found one? Report it to the proper authorities.

In the future, we’ll start announcing the release of Hanttula Mystery Objects through this page and, perhaps, our Twitter feed.


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