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The Most Useless Machine Ever

Just for Gymbeaux: what the maker's have called "The Most Useless Machine Ever." I find it endlessly entertaining, so not completely useless, then. Watch the video, then follow the instructions to build your own.

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Future of Receipts

One day paper receipts will be a thing of the past. Here's one possible view of that future, where Kevin Rose (who you might know from Digg and/or Diggnation) introduces the Square mobile credit card payment processor. Many will marvel at the system (which uses an...

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Real Pong

Another instance of Pong being migrated from it's video roots... this time into a real-world application. I want to have this as a coffee table. More information at the maker's site: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

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Minimum Wage Machine

Artist Blake Fall-Conroy created the Minimum Wage Machine: "The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 5.04 seconds, for $7.15 an hour (NY state minimum wage). If the participant stops turning the...

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Dead Fly Art

Artist Magnus Muhr uses a combination of drawing, photography and, oh, dead flies to make his art: More images available at acidcow Or visit the artist's site/gallery.

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Evel Knieval You Are Not, Son

Demonstrating the greatest possible distance between "hero" and "fan" is this ad for Evel Knieval's line of popsicle molds. One the top you have cool-as-anything Evel; on the bottom you have the "I PUT ROCKET SHIP IN MY MOUTH?!?" kid. Priceless. {Via Shrapnel's Tumblr...

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The Phantom Bike

See the beautiful bicycles of Finnish designer Olli Erkkilä, including the Phantom Bike: { Go Finland! } Thanks to Jim's comment below, here's video of one of the bikes in action: 7qiR7E3dpjk

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