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Amazing Facts… and Beyond!

Amazing Facts and Beyond with Leon Beyond pairs "amazing" facts* with superb, comic strip-esque illustrations. *there's no guarantee that the supplied facts are as factual as they are "amazing."

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SnailMailr will print & send a "snail mail" letter for you for $1. Simple to use & you get to see exactly what your letter will look like before you send it out.

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Egg Inside An Egg & Other Oddities

A reader sent in a link suggestion for an article about a farmer than found a fully-formed egg inside of another egg that led me to the Telegraph's collection of "freaky fruit & vegetable" photos like this purposefully-shaped pear: Many viewers might...

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IKEA Heights

Adding itself to the list of video projects shot entirely in IKEA stores, IKEA Heights is a comedy-melodrama that utilizes the Swedish store's various showrooms for sets (all recorded during store hours, apparently without the approval or knowledge of the store...

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Gymbeaux remotely recommends: Ze Frank's Scribbler which takes the user's very basic line drawing and follows its lines with scribbles until it becomes something more artistic-looking.

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My dream from last night

It could have something to do with my return to spinning more vinyl; but I'm certain that this video is an exact recreation of one of my dreams last night... Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

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In another attempt to document the crazy things that pass as meals, insanewiches chooses to focus entirely on sandwich-based madness.

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Indoor Cycling… Championships?

Before today I had no idea that there was such a thing as indoor cycling; let alone indoor cycling competitions. This video proves their existence and took me from "oh, they've turned a perfectly good bicycle into a unicycle" to something more profound. Still, I'm...

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A Look Behind Red Light Cameras

Is it a sad or amazing state-of-affairs, when the dark (and real) facts about 'red light cameras' is brought to light, um illuminated, er reported by Monkey Goggles (an online "literary magazine" from novelty toy distributor Archie McPhee)?

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Truck Spills

Truck Spills from Around the World categorizes the overturning of commercial trucks by their individual payloads. Everything from alligators to a Zamboni... including doughnut glaze (pictured below).

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