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Boom Boom Pow

I just love the fact that this kid produces his videos from within an Apple store... If only he could get the crowd to be backup dancers. One day, perhaps (he's been at it for awhile)

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Bacon Lip Balm

From the "Things You Must Have" Department: Bacon flavoring is now available in a lip balm. Mmmm. If they only offered egg- & coffee-flavored lip balms, we could enjoy an entire breakfast-in-a-stick.

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‘Lucky’ Light Video

D.Ball remotely recommends... The video 'Lucky' — a collaboration between 'All India Radio' and the animation company 'Dee Pee Studios.' "It involves a revolutionary animation technique, whereby the team paints in the air with glow sticks, frame after to frame to...

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Dumpster Diving

Re-purposing large dumpsters as pools: Dumpster Diving. I kinda want one: either from a dumpster or shipping container. Seems like a great way to reuse/reduce/recycle... refresh!

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