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Donut day

Tomorrow, Friday June 9th 5th (oops my bad) is what I would guess to be one of if not Homer's favorite day. National Donut Day. Mmmm free donuts

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…site updated!

The site update is now complete.Welcome to the 2007 design... finally released in 2009. A site update over 2 years in the making - built 5 minutes increments during breaks from work. There are several kinks still being worked out, but most of the site is fully...

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Kim Westad, Ceramist

 I had no more than the most minimal of interests in pottery before watching this video of ceramist Kim Westad's process. Now I am enthralled with her work & must have one!See (and buy) her finished work here. If the dulcet tones of Kim's voice has lulled you...

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Creative Ideas for YOU

Have you always wanted to be "more creative?" Now you can! With minimal effort!David Horvitz is posting rather brilliant creative ideas for YOU, the general public, to put into practice.In fact, most of the ideas are far more compelling ways to spend an...

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yooouuutuuube will take any YouTube video and streams them across the screen all at once. Here's a good example using the remixed Alice in Wonderland (music) video. (via yvynyl)

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Another fine find of Miss McCracken's is meatcards. Someone who hands me one of these is the kind of person I want to do business with. (warning not suitable for vegetarians)

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!If, like me, you wish to celebrate in the traditional fashion -- enjoy a fine sea shanty & swill some dark rum. ... perhaps I have my holidays mixed up.

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From the wonderful people that bring the world the WordPress publishing system, now there's BuddyPress - so that anyone can start their own social network.

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twitter + magnets…

twitter + an online version of magnetic poetry words = twitter magnets. Online poetry in 140 characters or less that can be instantly posted to a shared twitter feed.

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