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The Magic Roundabout

Behold The Magic Roundabout a marvel of traffic confusion & public works shortsightedness. 5 small roundabouts surrounding one, large, central roundabout. Amazing!

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TikiBar TV Trailer

 If you have yet to enjoy TikiBar TV you should simply know that you're not enjoying your life to the fullest extent possible. But, in case you need some help understanding the video entertainments that await you, there is now a concise trailer for the show....

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Kubrick Season

Fans of Stanley Kubrick will appreciate this video promo that Channel 4 (Britain) has created for their "Kubrick Season." In it, the sets, cast & crew of 'The Shining' have been recreated & shown in one, long tracking shot. Fantastic.

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TeeFury presents a new, limited-edition t-shirt every 24 hours.$9 (+shipping) gets you the shirt, but you only have 24 hours to act for each shirt. 

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

D.Ball tips us off to...Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Watch it now! Why?Reason 1: it features force-of-nature/actor Neil Patrick Harris.Reason 2: it's an online video series created by Joss Whedon.Reason 3:they've found a way to make musical numbers not entirely...

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Jet-Skiing in a Hot Tub

Video of a gentleman (?) jet-skiing in his hot tub.Who would ruin both a jet-ski & hot tub by combining the two? Apparently, the same individual that would have a stripper pole right next to his hot tub.

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Anything Drawn: $2

Yirmumah will draw anything for $2.Some examples:Godzilla on a SegwayBelching Content Gone Horribly Wrong Jane Goodall Teaching a Chimpanzee to Fling PoopSmokey the Bear in know, "classy stuff." But -- YOU can commission almost any work you...

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Catastrophically-Bad Album Covers

 Catastrophically-Bad Album Covers {at least, I think that's what the site's title translates to. Min svenska är inte så bra! OK, the actual blog title translates as "Disastrous wrappers"... but you get the idea. } 

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