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Bunnyocalypse Episodes

3 NEW Bunnyocalypse episodes posted!Plus the final update on Episode 2 (vs. Elements) with images from one year later.{These episodes could be the very last for this year... unless I find some free time somewhere. Rest assured, there are many more bunny challenges...

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Mixwit lets you find music online and create a mixtape (well, a mix that has a graphical representation of a cassette tape) to share with your friends.

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I rather dislike actual paparazzi, but am intrigued by methodizaz: a personal paparazzo that you commission to take candid photos of you when you're not expecting it.

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Bunnyocalypse 2008

 The 2008 Edition of the Bunnyocalypse has been launched with an episode from our good friend Jim.Also: an updated version of our free Bunnyocalypse Paper Practice Target has been posted in the Hanttula Store

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Moustache Me

 Following the formula of "Advert + Moustache = Awesome," I've performed some further research to demonstrate that ANYTHING goes better with "a good moustaching."Visit Moustache Me and get your own moustache stickers - to place on...

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Readymech Cameras

 Still buying film cameras like a chump? Why not pay a visit to Corbis' Readymech Camera site where you can download, print & fold your own pinhole camera?

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& Teller

D.Ball wants you to watch:"& Teller" - the online short film depicting the last (living) entertainer in Las Vegas... after a zombie infiltration, of course.

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