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Beer glasses that fill from the bottom

Dear viewer, meet the future... of beer consumption. Rather than wait for a bartender to pour individual glasses, a new machine fills cups automatically from the bottom up. I could go on, but just see for yourself. It's almost like m-a-g-i-c....

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Giblet Gravy & Sliced Turkey!

This amazing commercial from our incredible past provides the only proper way to introduce something as delicious as Giblet Gravy & Sliced Turkey... with Academy Award level theatrics. httpv:// [BTW, I've checked, "Giblet Gravy...

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Faster T-Shirt Folding

Now that you've learned how to sled (below), here's a classic video of a quicker way to perform another popular wintertime activity: folding t-shirts. httpv://

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The Deep from PES

Metal objects of the past come to life in the depths of the sea... httpvh:// One of several amazing short films from PES

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Abandoned Six Flags Video Portrait

Beautiful cinematography gives a last life to the New Orleans Six Flags amusement park -- abandoned since hurricane Katrina and set to be demolished in 2011. For the purposes of your enhanced enjoyment, let's just agree that "abandoned" = "haunted." The is both...

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