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Your Face Blog

Your Face Blog's owner will draw the face of any visitor who submits a real photo of him/herself -- just to prove that real people actually read his blog.

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Foodie Fun

For my foodies out there:Group Recipes { a food-centric social network }Tastespotting { a place to upload photos of food you like }and (even though it's been linked before) Cork'd { the social wine review site } to round out the collection. 

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Watch of the Future

Every once-in-awhile a piece of technology comes along that seems to be straight out of the 1960's vision of the future.This watch is such a device -- boasting a power of communication that is equalled only by its ability to repel girls.

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pirateMaps transform the regular Yahoo! Maps into a Pirate-themed display. Not necessarily useful, but provides a little fun.

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Candy Heart Generator

The Candy Heart Generator lets you add your own phrases to images of "conversation hearts"{ you can file this under: "Links That Would Have Been Useful Before Yesterday" }

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