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Semi-regular dispatches on click-worthy entertainments, art, interesting facts & more!

Addicting Games

James reminds us that Addicting Games are, in fact, addicting. You might especially enjoy Pirates & Treasure { if you roll with pirates, you best play their games }  But, almost any game on the site is fine for an afternoon diversion.

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In this fast-paced world of 'high-powered computer-Internet real-time communication broadband voIP instant-messaging hootenanny' do you sometimes long for the simplicity & blocky typefaces of the TELEGRAM? Worry not, my overworked modern friend, there is now the...

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To-Do Lists Blog

The To-Do List Blog collects handwritten "to-do" lists & displays them for the world to read. All the voyeuristic catharsis of 'Post Secret' without as much of the creepiness.

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Pimp That Snack

Pimp That Snack: custom-built giant versions of your favorite snacks.{ just for reference: the small brown disc on the left is a normal-sized Oreo cookie }

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Judge a Band By Its Cover

For your Tuesday music listening pleasure:{ A rather brilliant collection of cover songs by currently popular bands }Judge a Band By Its Cover Vol. 1Judge a Band By Its Cover Vol. 2Judge a Band By Its Cover Vol. 3Judge a Band By Its Cover Vol. 4Judge a Band By Its...

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Haunted Portraits

Venturing out into the world this past week, I saw that some stores are already stocking Halloween decorations (and Christmas goods, for that matter). This has to stop. Really. It has to. They're just holidays. Stop it!Well, not to be outdone, I'm posting this link...

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Blondes & Bananas

James introduces us to two fine sites:Gum Blondes : a portrait gallery of blondes... where chewing gum is the medium.-and- The Tattooed Banana : a portrait gallery... where bananas are the medium.My dark favorite is the sad banana suicide.

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D.I.Y. Jackson Pollack

D.I.Y. Jackson Pollack{ create your own masterpiece in the style of Jackson Pollack; just move your mouse around & click for various colors. "showing the layperson again that, yes, making art is just this easy..."  ahem. }

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