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My little neighbor across the street can't say "skeleton" yet - she's three - she says "skeggedon" - which is the first thing I thought of when I saw this cool hoodie design.

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Thank You David Cross

There's some profanity contained within - but if you're a fan of "Arrested Development" -- make with the clickie to see David Cross deliver a fairly well stated rant about the latest cancellation announcement.

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This trailer is... I can't even manage sarcasm.  It's like some... crack-head got locked in a video store overnight while Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Crounching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kill Bill and Resident Evil were playing on an eternal loop and then when...

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Seat Guru

This has come up before on many a blog - but if you're doing any last minute travelling for Turkey Day - you might want to consult Seat Guru for details about your seat assignment. 

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Good Wood

Here is your introduction to..... the "Good Wood Gang" - hey now, keep it clean! - the first wave of five great new hipster wooden toys with removable interlocking parts. 

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Black Friday Cometh!

For those that work in the retail industry, no day is more feared/revered than "Black Friday" - the first official day of holiday shopping.  This website compiles all of the loss leader specials that can be found as incentives to get you in the door...

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Near as I can figure - this cross-dressing Asian Children's show host... "Shingo Mama" wants to shorten the formal Japanese morning greeting of "ohayu" to "oha".  And apparently he/she feels so strongly about it that he/she just has...

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The God Warrior!

Apparently, I missed this very special episode of "Trading Spouses" featuring a woman who is now known online as "The God Warrior".  Well, apparently it was so influential that an - ahem - artist, created a one-off bobble head version and sold...

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Seaman Ship!

It this doesn't make you want to just run out and join the Japanese Navy, then I don't know what...

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Barking Irons

If I were the sort to spend $59 on a t-shirt {sigh} it might be on one of these lovely designs from Barking Irons - evocative of turn-of-the-century New York gangland.

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