Pathways to Paradise – The Exotic Sounds of Ìxtahuele


The cover of the album Pathways to Paradise by Ìxtahuele shows a collage of forest trees in the front and a volcano in the background with the band, playing jazz instruments, in the middle. The album title is set in an orange and yellow tapa cloth pattern.

Album Title: Pathways to Paradise – The Exotic Sounds of Ìxtahuele

Artist(s): Ìxtahuele

Year: 2024

Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica

Track Listing:

  1. Mareld 2021 03:02
  2. Zebra Limbo 02:49
  3. Places 03:10
  4. The Mistress and the Foreigner 03:22
  5. Jungle Chase 03:58
  6. Moonflower 03:02
  7. The Hookah Parlor 02:26
  8. Land of Twilight 04:46
  9. Trembling Leaves 03:31
  10. Komodo 03:58

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

Liner notes from their Bandcamp listing:

A new album from the modern masters of exotica! Mix up a mighty rum typhoon and emerge yourself in this excitingly dazzling audio fantasy!

Experience the fearsome Jungle Chase. Behold the secret world of the majestic Moonflower or lose yourself for a while inside the Hookah Parlor. What’s your pleasure?

Ìxtahuele continues to develop their sound and song writing while exploring the heart, nuances, and boundaries of classic exotica.

Released May 24, 2024

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