French 60’s EP Collection Vol.1

Les Fantomes

Album cover of French 60's EP Collection Vol.1 by Les Fantomes

Album Title: French 60’s EP Collection Vol.1

Artist(s): Les Fantomes


Genre(s)/Style(s): Surf, Latin

Track Listing:

  1. Le Diable En Person (Shakin’ All Over)
  2. Golden Earrings
  3. Fort Chabrol
  4. Original Twist Guitar
  5. Shazam
  6. Cafard
  7. Train Fantome
  8. Mefie-Toi
  9. Twist 33
  10. Walk Don’t Run
  11. Marche Twist
  12. Je Ne Veux Pas T’aimer
  13. Watch Your Step
  14. No Man’s Land
  15. The Mexican
  16. Mustang
  17. La Shlap
  18. Jamin The Twist Part 1
  19. Jamin The Twist Part 2

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