Hits Of Hawaii

Pacific Serenaders

Album cover of Hits Of Hawaii by Pacific Serenaders

Album Title: Hits Of Hawaii

Artist(s): Pacific Serenaders

Year: 1970

Genre(s)/Style(s): Hawaiian, Hapa Haole

Track Listing:

  1. Beyond The Reef
  2. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  3. Mapuana
  4. My Little Grass Shack
  5. Mahala Pua
  6. Now Is The Hour
  7. Sweet Lelani
  8. Little Brown Girl
  9. Hukilau
  10. Moon of Manakoora
  11. Beach At Waikiki
  12. Aloha Oe

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

Liner notes (from back of vinyl):

The romance of Hawaii, land of waving palm trees and dusky grass skirted maidens. comes vividly to life through the music of tho island as played by the Pacific Serenaders. For those musicians have put on one album some of the best and most durable of Hawaiian hits, among them “Beyond the rest”, “Moon of Manakoora. “Mahala Pua” and “Aloha oe”.

Through their music they ensure that although Hawaii may be a distant dream for those who would love to visit these magic islands, there’s really no need to stray further from your favourite armchair and the record player. So just sit back, listen to the sounds of the Pacific Serenaders and the music of Hawaii will gently steal its way into your mind.

Album Preview:

Responses (2)

  1. Randy Heady says:

    Pls play

    • Michael Hanttula says:

      Hello. Not entirely sure what you mean by “pls play” but if it is “please play” and that means you want to hear the album – then you’re request is my command! Album preview ADDED.

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