Love Songs of Tahiti

Various Artists

Album cover of Love Songs of Tahiti by Various Artists

Album Title: Love Songs of Tahiti

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Polynesian

Track Listing:

  1. Tahitian Medley –Terii Rua And His Royal Tahitians
  2. E Toriri Mai (Rain Drop) – Iwalani Kahalewai
  3. Takape (Sailing Canoe) –Terii Rua And Gaby Pahinui
  4. Tahitian Lullaby – Fely Kamaki
  5. Takaroa (Isle Of Takaroa) – Royal Tahitian Trio
  6. J’Attendrais (I’ll Be Waiting) – George Delanux and Trio
  7. El Roto It E Mau Ati (In The Stormy Weather) – Terii Rua And Trio
  8. Reva Taua (Farewell For Two) – Terii Rua And His Royal Tahitians
  9. Mama Tu’u A’e I’au (Please, Mother, Let Me Go) – Royal Tahitians
  10. Parlez Moi D’Amour (Speak To Me Of Love) – Iwalani Kahalwai And Terii Rua
  11. Pagan Love Song – Fely Kamaki
  12. Te Reva Nei Au (I’m Going Away) – Charles Miller And Trio
  13.  –Terii Rua And His Royal Tahitians Tagi Tika And Mama Ite E (A Woman Cries For Her Love And Dear Mama & Papa, Give Me Some Money)

Composed By – Augie Goupil*, Eddie Lund

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