New Standards (New Versions of Golden Oldies)

Various Artists

Album cover of New Standards (New Versions of Golden Oldies) by Various Artists

Album Title: New Standards (New Versions of Golden Oldies)

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Novelty, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Cadillac Angels Apache
  2. Aqua Velvets, The Baja
  3. Los Coronas Day Tripper
  4. Los Coronas The Wedge
  5. The Diamondheads Taco Wagon
  6. The Diamondheads Cry For A Shadow
  7. Los Coronas Secret Agent Man
  8. Hawaii Samurai Bullwinkle Part Ii
  9. The Aqua Velvets Walk Don’t Run (Live)
  10. The Aqua Velvets Apache (Live)
  11. Balls Of Fire Baia
  12. Balls Of Fire The Crying Game
  13. Aquamen The Godfather
  14. The Atlantics Bombora
  15. The Bambi Molesters Margaya
  16. The Bambi Molesters The Breeze And I
  17. Beat Tornados, The The Cruel Sea
  18. Big Ray & The Futuras Shot In The Dark
  19. Big Ray & The Futuras MrMoto
  20. Bitch Boys, The Paint It Black
  21. Bitch Boys, The Telstar
  22. The Dead Rocks El Condor Pasa
  23. Galaxy Trio Jack Lord’s Hair
  24. Gary Hoey Wipe Out
  25. The Hellecasters Peter Gunn
  26. Huevos Rancheros The Lonely Bull
  27. Invisible Surfers Rumble
  28. Jack Nitzsche The Magnificent Seven
  29. Jon & The Nightriders Midnight Run
  30. The Killer Bananazz Miserlou
  31. Krontjong Devils Music To Watch Girls By
  32. Krontjong Devils Yang Bu
  33. Langhorns The Victor
  34. Lawndale Take Five
  35. Link Protrudi & The Jaymen California Sun
  36. The Looney Tunes Swingin’ Creeper (Night Stick)
  37. The Looney Tunes Theme From Exodus
  38. Le Vice Barons Vice Barons The Persuaders
  39. The Baronics Vivaldi-Spring R, Concerto In E Major
  40. The Baronics Mozart-Rondo Alla Turca

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Responses (2)

  1. Orin Zebest says:

    This one’s pretty hard to find any trace of. Not on Discogs or Google, certainly. Decently diverse track list though — if this is an Argleton, it’s a convincing one

    • Michael Hanttula says:

      I’m trying to recall where I found this album. It was added to this site in 2010, so it’s been awhile! πŸ™‚ What is an “Argleton?”

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