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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island

Dharma Initiative “Black Light” Map

  • An image of the “map” on the blast door of the Swan Complex that was revealed when exposed to a black light.
  • Click to View the Full Map A larger version (with better contrast, coloring & sharpness) than what I can currently find online.
  • Click the image or here for a full size (quite large) version.
  • OUTSIDE LINK: An allegedly “officially received” version of the map, with clarified text & notes.
  • LOST Experience Videos

    • The Psychology Test Orientation Film (links to YouTube)
      • From “The LOST Experience” Game
      • Titled: “Orientation – Psychology Test 1 of 1”
      • Details: Is a series of still images (many of animals) edited together
      • Ends with the questions: “Who were they?” “Where did they go?” “Why didn’t they return?” “Whatever happened to the Dharma Initiative?”
      • Dated: 1980
    • The “Sri Lanka” Video (links to YouTube)
      • From “The LOST Experience” Game
      • Hosted by: Alvar Hanso (first portion); Thomas Werner Mittlewerk (second portion)
      • Titled: “Orientation”
      • First Portion Details: Hanso notes “if you’re watching this film, you already know and have worked with Gerald and Karen DeGroot;” references secrecy of the project and that the location of the “facility” (showing what looks like the island) is known only to himself, the DeGroot’s and a few high-ranking members of his organization; that the “research is intended to do nothing less than save the world as we know it;” references the “Valenzetti Equation” of Enso Valenzetti that predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity “extinquishes itself;” reveals that “the numbers” (4 8 15 16 23 42) are “numerical values to the core environment and human factors” in the Valenzetti Equation; reveals that “DHARMA” stands for “Deparment of Hueristics And Research on Material Applications” and “also stands for the one, true way;” references the island’s complexes (showing the logos of ‘The Pearl’ and ‘The Swan’ stations); notes that food and medical supplies will be dropped “in perpetuity;” references the radio transmitter on the island that broadcasts in a frequency and encryption known only “to us;” the radio transmitter only broadcasts the “core numberical values of the Valenzetti Equation;” emphasizes that the goal of the work on the island is to change (at least) one of the “core numerical values” and that doing so will save humanity
      • Dated: 1975
      • Second Portion Details: film then reveals that it is being shot on a video camera held (in apparent hiding) behind some boxes. The video camera is being used to record a meeting of a group of people in white doctor/lab coats; the speaker (Thomas Werner Mittlewerk) mentions that:
        • the DHARMA Initiative has failed; the viewers “are gripped in the tryanny of those numbers;” they’ve tried to change the numerical values by manipulating the environment, but that they keep returning to those core numbers; they now have to take radical action; references a plan to deliver a virus to local villagers under the guise of supplying a vaccine to a virus carried by local macaques; continues to instruct that the bodies of the dead should be brought to their facility; wishes to “make absolute certain we are hitting precise genetic targets we have engineered into the virus;” optimal death rate is 30% (more or less denotes a failure); references a “VIK Institute” whose operatives have confirmed this number; claims that the creation of this virus will end “all famine, war, poverty;” notices “something reflecting” in the back which leads to the camerawoman running and, apparently, being caught as she screams “get off me”

    Orientation Films

    • The Dharma Initiative’s “Orientation Films” are visual guides to operating the individual controls/experiments of the complexes across the island. Each complex has its own film (the “films” are presented on 16mm film or videotape)
    • The Swan Complex Orientation Film (links to YouTube)
      • Hosted by Dr. Marvin Candle
      • Titled: “Orientation – Station 3 – The Swan”
      • Details: includes “a little history” about the Dharma Initiative; tour of duty in “The Swan” lasts 540 days; Station 3 was originally constructed as a laboratory where scientists could work to understand the “unique electro-magnetic flucuations eminating from this sector of the island;” noted that an “incident” occured resulting in the required use of the 108 machine (and the entering of the numbers); warns that the 108 machine should not be used for “anything else other than the entering of the code. This is its only function;” warns that using the computer for something other than entering the code (such as communication with the outside world) could lead to another “incident.”
      • Dated: 1980
      • NOTE: Originally, the survivors of Flight #815 saw an edited version of the video in which the portion warning that the computer terminal should not be used for communication was removed
    • The Pearl Complex Orientation Video (links to YouTube)
      • Hosted by Dr. Mark Wickman
      • Titled: “Orientation – Station 5 – The Pearl”
      • Details: that “The Pearl” is a monitoring station; tours of duty last 3 weeks; purpose is to observe the teams in other complexes; there is no need to know what the purpose of the other teams’ work is; observations should be recorded & sent through a tube system when complete; instructs viewer to proceed to the Pala Ferry (at the end of their shift) for transportation back to the barracks
      • Dated: 1980

    Rachel Blake Videos

    Rousseau’s Map

    • Click to View the Full Map A larger version (with better contrast) than what I can currently find online.
    • You’ll notice that the map includes a small boat near the shoreline at the center of the map (next to it is the French word for “wreck” or “derelict”).
    • Translations:
      côte sauvage vents d’ouest = wild coast winds of west
      côte des moustique = coast of the mosquito
      lagon bleu azure = blue lagoon blues
      le longs des golfes claires = long of the gulfs clear ones
      face au vent = face windward
      versant expose = exposed mountainside
    • References to “Beyond the Sea” (lyrics on map) available in the “Translations” repository
    • I’d like to start a collaborative rendition of a map of the island (where individuals can download & add their own bits of information & send it back for updated posting here) I just need a good, base map from which to begin.

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