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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island

The Creepy Girl

From the official ABC publicity photos for the LOST episode “Tale of Two Cities”…

It shows Jack (after his run-in with Juliet’s fist), sprawled out on the table of one of the aquariums of the Hydra Complex. Yet, there’s a little girl keeping him company. She wasn’t shown in the actual show, just in the publicity photos for the episode. Chew on THAT for awhile…
Creepy Girl in the Hydra Complex of the Dharma Initiative

What happened to the body of Jack’s father?

  • It was supposedly being transported on this flight, but the coffin discovered on the island turned up empty… then Jack destroyed it

What is “The Sickness?”

  • Infected Rousseau’s scientific team, resulting in Rousseau believing they need to be killed
  • Apparently related to the Black Rock
  • Desmond seems to be aware of the sickness

What is Locke’s Connection to the Island?

  • Believes the Island wants something from him
  • Ability to walk seems linked to what he does for the Island
  • Believes Boone was a sacrifice to the Island

What is the Dharma Initiative?

  • Investigation into the Dharma Initiative is contained on the “Other Notes” page

What’s the Deal with the Four-Toed Statue?

Four-Toed Statue

  • In their travels to “The Others” camp: Sayid, Sun & Jin come upon a giant, mostly-in-ruin four-toed statue.
  • Estimates put the statue, if complete, at approximately 250′ tall.
  • Sayid quips “I don’t know what is more disquieting; the fact that the rest of the statue is missing or that it has four toes.”

Where are “the voices” coming from? Who’s voices are they?

  • Rousseau attricbutes the voices to “The Others.”

Where are the missing/taken individuals?

  • The nine “good ones” — taken by The Others during the first few days after the crash (from the tail section survivors)
  • The other 3 from the tail section — taken by The Others during the first few days after the crash (from the tail section survivors)
  • Cindy — taken during the trek from the tail section survivor camp to the beach
  • Alex — Rousseau’s child (although, it’s assumed she was the young woman that rescued Claire from the medical complex). The leader of The Others says “Bring her out, Alex” when asking for the bound & gagged Kate during the confrontation with Jack & party during their search for Michael

Where did “Adam” & “Eve” come from? Who are they?

  • Found in the cave
  • Estimated they’ve been there 40-50 years

Who are “The Others” and where did they come from?

  • They pretend to be “pirate-like” or less-developed than they are (through the use of theatrical make-up when they know they’re going to be seen by people outside their group)
  • They’ve got their own boat
  • They’ve been on the island at least as long as Rosseau (but, presumably, longer)
  • They seem to be fairly substanial in number
  • At different times they refer to a “him” — whom they seem to fear
  • Michael counted 22 of them when he went out into the jungle looking for Walt
  • Michael reported that they live in canvas tents, eat dried fish and, generally, are not living very well-off… but then he got all murderous on Ana Lucia & (potentially) Libby

Who is Desmond referring to when he asks “Are you him?” to Locke?

  • He asks it a few times; seems to be somebody he was expecting.
  • He could possibly be expecting the replacements mentioned in “The Swan Orientation Movie” … but seemed more specific.
  • Kelvin, upon first bringing Desmond into The Swan Complex, also asks him “Are you him?”
  • For verification, Desmond asked the answer to the joke “What did one snowman say to the other snowman?” Locke says he doesn’t know. When Locke & Desmond met up after Desmond’s return to the island, he finally told Locke the answer: “Do you smell carrots?”

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