At The Halekulani Hotel – On the Beach at Waikiki

The Kahauanu Lake Trio

Album cover of At The Halekulani Hotel by The Kahauanu Lake Trio

Album Title: At The Halekulani Hotel – On the Beach at Waikiki

Artist(s): The Kahauanu Lake Trio


Genre(s)/Style(s): Hawaiian, Folk, World

Track Listing:

  1. Pua Lililehua
  2. Ka‘u Nui
  3. Pili Palua
  4. ‘A‘ole La
  5. He Mana‘o Ko‘u Ia ‘Oe
  6. Home Kapaka
  7. Hu‘i E
  8. Ke ‘Ala Ka‘u I Honi
  9. Hualalai
  10. He Aloha Ku‘u Ipo
  11. Pili Me ‘Oe
  12. Ku‘u Lei/Ho‘i Mai Malihini

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

In the year between their first and this, their second record, the number of Kahaunu Lake Trio fans has expande from a certain “in” group, to just about everybody in the island state.

The songs they choose, the arrangements they originate, the feeling they express in their very personal interpretations are the basic ingredients of the distinctive charm. They sound like no one else, and no one else can sound like that. Almost a decade of solid work never shows in the casualties in genuine enjoyment that is apparent are “on show.”

Leader-arranger Kahauanu is identified by his left-handed uke, brother Tommy plays bass, Al Machida guitar. And among three men there are six voices… all sing both falsetto and straight. Sometimes it is Kahauanu Lake and Trio… the fourth is another Al with guitar.

– Excerpt from album liner notes

Album Preview:

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