Album cover of CQ by Mellow

Album Title: CQ

Artist(s): Mellow


Genre(s)/Style(s): Space-Age Pop, Soundtrack, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Seek You
  2. Codename Dragonfly
  3. Mellow Take Me Higher
  4. Love On The Moon
  5. Claude Francois Ce Soir Je Vais Boire
  6. Zero
  7. Song For The Loved One
  8. In The Cave Antonello Paliotti
  9. Mellow I Love You
  10. A Vision
  11. Airplane
  12. Rivolizione Sessantanove
  13. Le Responsable Jacques Dutronc
  14. Mellow Absolutely Free
  15. CQ Theme
  16. Chain Reaction
  17. Multithing
  18. CQ Car Chase
  19. Tous En Scene Paul Piot
  20. The Lost One
  21. Dragonfly M
  22. Dragonfly Car Chase
  23. Who Is Dragonfly-
  24. The End
  25. CQ Song

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