Pierre Bachelet

Album cover of Emmanuelle by Pierre Bachelet

Album Title: Emmanuelle

Artist(s): Pierre Bachelet

Year: 1974

Genre(s)/Style(s): Other

Track Listing:

  1. Emmanuelle In The Mirror
  2. Emmanuelle Song (French Vocal)
  3. Emmanuelle In Thailand
  4. Emmanuelle Steps Out
  5. Emmanuelle Theme (Variation)
  6. Night Club
  7. Emmanuelle Swims
  8. Emmanuelle In Thailand (Variations)
  9. Emmanuelle Theme (Instrumental)
  10. Emmanuelle Song (English Vocal)
  11. Emmanuelle Theme (Instrumental-Variation)
  12. Mood
  13. Emmanuelle Theme (Up Tempo Instrumental)
  14. Opium Den
  15. Rape Sequence
  16. Emmanuelle Theme (Instrumental)
  17. Cigarette Act
  18. Emmanuelle In The Mirror

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