Exotiste (Flash Strap Mix)

Various Artists

Album cover of Exotiste (Flash Strap Mix) by Various Artists

Album Title: Exotiste (Flash Strap Mix)

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Hawaiian, Polynesian, World, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Eros in Hiro
  2. Jungle Drums
  3. Shadow of Love and the Enchanted Reef
  4. Temple of Suicide
  5. Moon Over A Ruined Castle
  6. Papagayo
  7. Baixa
  8. Two Silouettes
  9. Mombasa Love Song
  10. The Games
  11. Mganga
  12. The Enchanted Sea
  13. Beyond The Reef
  14. The Misfits
  15. Buddhist Bells
  16. Tabu Tu
  17. Otome San_(Love Theme) Landa

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