Hawaiian Guitar Wizard

Casey Bill Weldon

Album Title: Hawaiian Guitar Wizard

Artist(s): Casey Bill Weldon


Genre(s)/Style(s): Hawaiian, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Somebody Changed the Lock on My Door
  2. My Stove Don’t Work
  3. Arlena
  4. Caught Us Doing It
  5. W.P.A. Blues
  6. I Got a Letter This Morning
  7. Has My Gal Been Here
  8. Casey Blues
  9. You Just as Well Let Her Go
  10. Big Bill Blues
  11. The Big Boat
  12. Can’t You Remember_
  13. We Gonna Move (To the Outskirts of Town)
  14. Back Door Blues
  15. I’ve Been Tricked
  16. Guitar Swing
  17. Spider Blues
  18. You Shouldn’t Do That
  19. Worried About That Woman
  20. Go Ahead, Buddy
  21. Christmas Time Blues
  22. New Round and Round
  23. Way Down in Louisiana
  24. I Believe You’re Cheatin’ on Me

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