Holiday In Brazil

Various Artists

Album cover of Holiday In Brazil by Various Artists

Album Title: Holiday In Brazil

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Latin, World, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Young Sound Heinz Kiessling
  2. Avenida Copacopana Pete Jacques
  3. Eliana Syd Dale
  4. Round Trip To Rio Pete Jacques
  5. Leicester Square Heinz Kiessling
  6. Cool Touch Pete Jacques
  7. Let’s Face It Richie Hillman
  8. Talk Shop Heinz Kiessling
  9. Viva La Samba Rolf-Hans Müller
  10. Fanatico Pete Jacques
  11. Holiday In Brazil Heinz Kiessling
  12. Bright Shining Star Pete Jacques
  13. Chica Do Verrato Addy Flor
  14. Easymotion Pete Jacques
  15. Rebecca Pete Jacques
  16. Wide Horizon Heinz Kiessling
  17. As Long As I Live Heinz Kiessling
  18. Peacherino Charlie Steinmann
  19. Petula Heinz Kiessling
  20. Bacana Pete Jacques
  21. Falena Heinz Kiessling
  22. Vernissage Heinz Helmut Brandenburg
  23. Contingo Addy Flor
  24. Latin Lady Colin Frecher

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