It’s Hotter in Hawaii Vol. 4

Various Artists

Album cover of It's Hotter in Hawaii Vol. 4 by Various Artists

Album Title: It’s Hotter in Hawaii Vol. 4

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Hawaiian, Hapa Haole, Other

Track Listing:

  1. 12th Street Rag Roy Smeck
  2. Limehouse Blues Roy Smeck
  3. Bugle Call Rag Roy Smeck
  4. Hilo March Roy Smeck
  5. Kalima Walk Roy Smeck
  6. Twilight Echoes Roy Smeck
  7. Hawaiian Hula Sam Ku West
  8. Wang Wang Blues Sam Ku West Harmony Boys
  9. Liliu E South Sea Islanders
  10. Old Timer’s Hula Tommy Solomon
  11. Lepe Ula Ula Sol Hoopii
  12. Hawaiian March Sol Hoopii
  13. Lady, Be Good Sol Hoopii
  14. Lehua Sol Hoopii
  15. Pidgin English Hula Sol Hoopii
  16. Uheuhene Sol Hoopii
  17. Tomi Tomi Sol KBright
  18. Parari’i Pararara’i Tamari Tahiti
  19. Ghost Dance Truett & George
  20. Mai Kai No Kauai MmRiviere’s Hawaiians
  21. Paahana MmRiviere’s Hawaiians
  22. E Mama Ee MmRiviere’s Hawaiians
  23. La Lupe Ua Sola MmRiviere’s Hawaiians
  24. Ellis March MmRiviere’s Hawaiians
  25. U Like, Noa Like Tau Moe’s Hawaiian Jazzites
  26. Medley Of Old Time Waltzes Walter Kolomoku

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