Jet Set ’12

Los Straitjackets

Album cover of Jet Set '12 by Los Straitjackets

Album Title: Jet Set ’12

Artist(s): Los Straitjackets

Year: 2012

Genre(s)/Style(s): Lounge, Cocktail Music, Surf, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Crime Scene
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  3. New Siberia
  4. Aerostar
  5. Brooklyn Slide
  6. Jet Set
  7. Low Tide
  8. Walking Down 3rd Street
  9. Bobsleddin’
  10. Wrong Way Inn
  11. Space Mosquito
  12. Sardinian Holiday
  13. Mr. Pink
  14. Pop Rocks & Coke
  15. Fur Sophia

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