Malamondo Vol.5 (J.R. Williams Mix)

Various Artists

Album cover of Malamondo Vol.5 (J.R. Williams Mix) by Various Artists

Album Title: Malamondo Vol.5 (J.R. Williams Mix)

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Other

Track Listing:

  1. Dante’s Inferno
  2. Satan’s Chauffeur
  3. Evil Eye
  4. Psicosis
  5. Hell Bound Train
  6. Flipsville
  7. The Booga Man
  8. Louie Hoo Hoo
  9. Zombie Stomp
  10. The Cool Gool
  11. The Ghost Song
  12. Ghost Party
  13. Murder In the Space Station
  14. Take Me To Your Leader
  15. Nobody Loves the Hulk
  16. Superman
  17. You Are My Girl
  18. The Eighth Wonder of the World
  19. Dracula Drag
  20. Hindu On a Honda
  21. Tongue Twistin’ Time
  22. Dislocation Twist
  23. Surfin’ Bird
  24. Duck-Duck-Rock
  25. The Pussy Cat Song
  26. Play With Your Pussy
  27. Planet Named Desire
  28. The Most

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