Pacific Paradise

Paul Page And His Paradise Music

Album cover of Pacific Paradise by Paul Page And His Paradise Music

Album Title: Pacific Paradise

Artist(s): Paul Page And His Paradise Music

Year: 2018

Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Hawaiian/Polynesian, Jazz/Easy Listening, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Pacific Paradise
  2. China Nights (feat. The Island-Aires)
  3. When Sam Goes Back To Samoa
  4. Beyond The Reef
  5. The Reef Is Calling (feat. Bernie K. Lewis)
  6. Matey
  7. Pieces Of Eight
  8. Ports O´ Call (feat. The Island-Aires)
  9. My Fiji Island Queen
  10. Castaway
  11. Bali Hai (feat. Bill Leilan Messer)
  12. The Big Island Says Aloha (feat. Jerry Byrd)
  13. Sweet Someone
  14. Leaves From My Grass House
  15. Chicken Kona Kaai (feat. Bernie K. Lewis)
  16. Nani Waimea
  17. Ala Wai Blues
  18. Maui Chimes
  19. Please Don’t Sing Aloha To Me
  20. Hawaiian Honeymoon
  21. Blue Lagoon
  22. Au-We, Wahine
  23. Pago Pago
  24. Kissy Ling (feat. Jerry Byrd)
  25. Come Back To Hawaii
  26. The Sea Is Calling
  27. Passport To Paradise
  28. The Big Luau In The Sky
  29. Mele Of Yesterday’s Men
  30. I’s All Wicky Wacky In Hawaii
  31. Pacific Farewell Medley (feat. The Island-Aires)

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