Queen of the Wave (Deluxe Edition)

Pepe Deluxé

Album cover of Queen of the Wave (Deluxe Edition) by Pepe Deluxé

Album Title: Queen of the Wave (Deluxe Edition)

Artist(s): Pepe Deluxé

Year: 2012

Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Queenswave
  2. A Night and a Day
  3. Go Supersonic
  4. Temple Of Unfed Fire
  5. Contain Thyself
  6. Hesperus Garden
  7. Grave Prophecy
  8. In the Cave
  9. My Flaming Thirst
  10. Iron Giant
  11. The Storm
  12. Riders on the First Ark
  13. Queenswave (Instrumental)
  14. A Night and a Day (Instrumental)
  15. Go Supersonic (Instrumental)
  16. Temple Of Unfed Fire (Instrumental)
  17. Contain Thyself (Instrumental)
  18. Hesperus Garden (Instrumental)
  19. Grave Prophecy (Instrumental)
  20. In the Cave (Instrumental)
  21. My Flaming Thirst (Instrumental)
  22. Iron Giant (Instrumental)
  23. The Storm (Instrumental)
  24. Riders on the First Ark (Instrumental)
  25. The Secret Forces in the Mountain
  26. Leave For Home
  27. Sunrays
  28. 1884
  29. Little Lake
  30. haWhat! Zailm! Dead! Dead!
  31. Creatures of the Electric Dirt
  32. Bongo Up
  33. Cities in the Air
  34. Blue Orb & Great Serpent
  35. Child Of Energy
  36. Above The Storm
  37. Science, the People’s Friend
  38. My Flaming Pipe Organ
  39. Queenswave (Yol Gorro’s Easy Listening version)
  40. Hesperus Garden (Yol Gorro’s Easy Listening version)
  41. My Flaming Thirst (Yol Gorro’s Easy Listening version)
  42. Riders on the First Ark (Yol Gorro’s Easy Listening version)

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Album Preview:

Album Preview:

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