Strum Your Ukulele

John K Almeida

Album cover of Strum Your Ukulele by John K Almeida

Album Title: Strum Your Ukulele

Artist(s): John K Almeida


Genre(s)/Style(s): Hawaiian, Polynesian, Hapa Haole

Track Listing:

  1. My Yellow Ginger Lei – Gorgeous Hula (Instrumental)
  2. Roselani Blossoms – Kuu Pua Ylang Ylang (Instrumental)
  3. Sure – Liko Lehua (Instrumental)
  4. Kealoha O Kaua (Instrumental)
  5. Kuu Leinani (Instrumental)
  6. Ne’e Ne’e Mai (Instrumental)
  7. Noho Paipai – Aoia (Instrumental)
  8. Beautiful Mahealani Moon – Kuu Ipo Pua Rose (Instrumental)
  9. Anoi Pua Kaimana – Ka Manu (Instrumental)
  10. Ho ‘Oluana – Na Pua Like Ole (Instrumental)
  11. Hawaiian Town – Lovely Sunrise Haleakala (Instrumental)
  12. Maile Swing (Instrumental)

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