Surf Drums

The Lively Ones

Album Title: Surf Drums

Artist(s): The Lively Ones

Year: 1963

Genre(s)/Style(s): Surf

Track Listing:

  1. Tuff Surf 2:59
  2. Ric-A-Tic 2:20
  3. Wild Weekend 2:05
  4. Surf Drums 2:28
  5. Shootin’ The Pier 2:54
  6. Mr. Moto 1:56
  7. Bustin’ Surfboards 3:07
  8. Stoked 2:36
  9. Surfer Boogie 2:05
  10. Rumble 3:22
  11. Forty Miles Bad Road 3:02
  12. Hillbillie Surf 1:36

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

The Orange County-based Lively Ones were the kingpins of the whole southern California surf music scene. Driven by the riveting guitar work of Jim Masoner and the sexy, honking sax of Joel Willinbring, the band was virtually unsinkable. Self-penned tunes like “Goofy Foot” were every bit the measure of their cover versions (which often improved on the originals). This album highlights drummer Tim Fitzpatrick, who thunders his way through Link Wray’s classic “Rumble,” the Fireballs’ “Ric-a-Tic” and a much improved version of the Tornadoes’ “Bustin’ Surfboards.” A first-rate album from one of surfdom’s top outfits.
Dave Provost

Album Preview:

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