Surf Vs The Flying Saucers

Urban Surf Kings

Album cover of Surf Vs The Flying Saucers by Urban Surf Kings

Album Title: Surf Vs The Flying Saucers

Artist(s): Urban Surf Kings


Genre(s)/Style(s): Surf, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Surf Vs The Flying Saucers
  2. Not Of This Earth
  3. Mr. World
  4. Radar Range
  5. Satellites Over Praha
  6. Hamburg Express
  7. Rocket Ranch
  8. Valley Of The Kings
  9. Go Go Island
  10. Luger
  11. Man From Adano
  12. Day The Surf Stood Still
  13. Deep Space
  14. Operation HODAD
  15. Zombie Road Trip
  16. Saucers In The Sunset

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