Swingin’ Cheese (Kitscherama)

Various Artists

Album cover of Swingin' Cheese (Kitscherama) by Various Artists

Album Title: Swingin’ Cheese (Kitscherama)

Artist(s): Various Artists


Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Lounge, Cocktail Music, Novelty, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Pepe Jamarillo & His Latin American Rhythm Exotica
  2. Woody Herman Here I Am, Baby
  3. Mel Torme Secret Agent Man
  4. Roberto Delgado & His Orchestra Hawaii Five
  5. Percy Faith & His Orchestra Oye Como Va
  6. Bossa Rio Old Devil Moon
  7. Joe Loss & His Orchestra Poppa Lo Quero
  8. Trudy Pitts The Spanish Flea
  9. Woody Herman Light My Fire
  10. Augusto Alguero & His Orchestra Bocaccio Soul
  11. Tony Osborne & His Orchestra A Hard Day’s Night
  12. Ray Coniff & The Singers Where Is The Love
  13. The Manzanilla Sound Mammy Blue
  14. Billy May Orchestra A Man And A Woman
  15. Count Basie From Russia With Love
  16. The Voices Of Walter Schumann Holiday For Strings

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