The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers


Album cover of The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers by YĪN YĪN

Album Title: The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers

Artist(s): YĪN YĪN

Year: 2019

Genre(s)/Style(s): Exotica, Polynesian, Cocktail Music, Lounge, Surf, Other

Track Listing:

  1. Nata Ni Thale – 00:54
  2. Pingpxng – 02:39
  3. One Inch Punch – 05:08
  4. Lotus – 01:49
  5. Thom Ki Ki – 03:41
  6. On Yiep – 00:52
  7. Alpaca – 05:35
  8. Kroy Wen – 02:57
  9. Sui Ye – 03:53
  10. The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers – 05:48
  11. A Ballad For Chong Wang – 01:23
  12. The Sacred Valley of Cusco – 04:41
  13. Dis ko Dis ko – 04:20

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Liner, Listening & Album Notes:

From the album’s Bandcamp page:

Where to place YĪN YĪN on the map ? Maybe somewhere between Netherlands and South-East Asia, on an imaginary tropical island. That’s where they brew a strange cocktail made of discogrooves, powerful “thaï beat” tunes and experimental tropi-synths. After two remarkable singles on Les Disques Bongo Joe, they’re back with « The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers ». Made of groovy tunes and dance killers, this album could be the crazy soundtrack of a 60s hippie village on the South China Sea.

Responses (2)

  1. Gilbert says:

    Thom Ki Ki goes so goddamn hard on this album. Absolute banger status.

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